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binding the connection of animal spirit to human energy. The artist's exotic images could almost be labeled instinctive.

Barros' was raised in Arizona which has a distinct influence, but his heritage may have a more subliminal effect on his art, the grandson of Portuguese and Russian immigrants who settled in Hawaii. He admits that Images such as "Tigress" has a distinctly foreign flavor of mystery.

Reflecting upon the changes in his art over the years, he explains, "In my early career I concentrated on painting images with a more realistic style. My art now focuses on the balance, movement, color and detail of a subject. I work to capture a moment, and create an impression. Barros' painting, called "Illumination of the Hawk" means to shed light, strength, courage and wisdom, overcoming problems with clarity and inspiration.

Barros art is collected from New York to LA having done showis in both cities and his original art hangs is Hawaii's Volcano National Park with consignment pieces done for collectors in San Diego and Guam.

Barros still spends most of his time creating graphics for his clients. He has created several signature poster illustrations for events over the last five years and publishes a guide for San Diego's Historic Old Town.

His passion is painting and he is planning to put all his energy toward that effort.

San Diego based painter and graphic artist Robert Barros traces his interest in art back to his childhood, drawing and painting before he could write. Barros is a self taught artist with little academic direction, he could always draw and his painting skills came just as easy. Although he loved to paint he applied his talents to the fields of commercial art, graphic design, and illustration, the humble beginnings of some very well known artists such as Warhol, Matisse and Rockwell.

His first published works consisted of portraits and illustrations of sports celebrities for magazines covers, posters and game programs. Some of his clients consisted of the San Diego Chargers, Padres and the Holiday Bowl. His graphic design images will always be a part of San Diego, having created the Chargers and the San Diego Gulls logos as well as images for the San Diego Blood Bank, Olympics in '84 and San Diego's first Super Bowl.

Having accomplished much in the commercial art field, Barros began to focus his creative energy on painting again. Inspired by a Chinese artist Robert created his own style of painting that incorporates a number of influences with graphic composition, freedom of color and the use strong lines to create a sense of movement. Barros characterizes his work as "reaching out to the poetic and imaginative side of our nature, through rich colors, textures and subject matter." He strives to create a taste of the romantic sensibility in the world around us."

Several of Roberts paintings combine human and animal figures. The inspiration is that of many cultures, Native American to Celtic,